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National Grid Incentive Offer -- Metro NY

map Offers available to homeowners who do not currently heat with natural gas in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island where National Grid gas service is available. State and local taxes are not included and may apply. Actual savings on heating equipment vary by make and model ordered. Customer is required to pay for installation of heating equipment. Offers subject to change. Some restrictions may apply.

Take action now and save up to 50%

Save up to 50% when you convert from oil to gas heat and install a new high efficiency natural gas heating system. We also offer low interest financing on the conversion cost, and can help you find a contractor through our Value Plus Installer program.

Save money every year

And, because new natural gas equipment is more efficient, you'll use less energy every month, helping you to save money.

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[PDF] Download our Conversion incentive form to learn more about this and other special offers for converting to natural gas heat!

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